Q1. How long in advance do I need to order my dress?

A1. Most wedding gowns take between 16 and 20 weeks to arrive into the shop from the date of order. We always allow for delays and ideally, we like the dress to arrive at least 8 weeks before the wedding. This gives ample time for the gown to be fitted properly.Please keep in mind that there can be delays at the moment due to covid & brexit.

Q2. Can I walk in and buy a dress off the rail?

A2. There are some dresses that a bride can buy off the rail but most dresses are samples and have to be re-ordered. In saying this, we always hold extra stock for girls that wish to purchase off the rail.

Q3. How long does an appointment take?

A3. We work on an appointment basis. The appointment lasts for one & a half hours where you will have a one to one consultations with a member of staff.

Q4. How does payment for my gown work?

A4. On the day of ordering your gown, we take 50% of the price of the dress as deposit. The remainder is due when the dress arrives into the shop. We accept credit cards, cheques or cash.

Q5. Do ye sell accessories for the bride?

A5. We stock a full range of accessories for the bride - veils, head pieces, jewellery, garters and ring cushions amongst other pieces.

Q6. What should I bring with me when I come for my appointment?

A6. Wearing a strapless bra is a good idea. We provide shoes for you to try on. We would ask you to respect our wishes and not to wear fake tan so we can keep our sample dresses in good condition.

Q7. Are the appointments private?

A7. Yes the appointments are private. We boast a large dressing area so we can dress a bride comfortably at either side of the store.

Q8. Who should I bring with me for my appointment?

A8. It is advisable not to bring too many people with you because the more opinions you have the more confusing it can be. We advise 2 to 3 people at the most.

Q9. Is it ok to bring children?

A9. For the comfort of yourself & other customers if at all possible it is advisable not to bring children as they do get bored very quickly and it can be very distracting for everyone concerned.

Q10. Do you provide an alteration service?

A10. Yes we have an in-store seamstress that you can meet and discuss your fitting's with. The alteration fee is paid directly to the seamstress for any alterations carried out.

Q11. Is there a fee for an appointment?

A11. Yes there is a €20 fee per appointment. The first consultation normally takes 1.5 hours. The second & third appointments can take up to an hour on each occasion. If you happen to buy your gown in Finesse you will be credited back all fees. You will be treated to expert advice on everything you need to know about wedding dresses and what style suits your body shape. This is a new policy and it wasn't a decision we took lightly,the reasons for introducing this policy were
(A). Brides were not showing up for their appointments which is very unfair to us and also to brides who were on a cancellation list.
(B). Brides were using our shop as a dressing room facility to get ideas and then ordering their dress on line.
It is a minimal fee to put value on our time & expertise.