We opened Finesse Bridal Wear in January 2000. Our shop is quiet spacious and we boast a large private dressing area which adds to the comfort of the experience. We stock some of the best designers in the business and all the accessories that the bride requires.

We also stock gowns for the larger girl. We take extra time and care when choosing these gowns. We hope that we choose flattering styles but more importantly dresses that the bride will feel special in.

We are now entering our 18th year and really looking forward to it. From speaking to our customers we are quite confident that our vast range of gowns will appeal to the eye, and just that little bit different. We will always carry the traditional styles but we spend great time looking for a contemporary dress also.

We both feel that we give our customers 100% attention; for both of us this is paramount. From experience most brides are nervous and anxious when looking for their gown, expecially on their first day out. It is without doubt one of the most important garments to be purchased in any womans life. With this in mind we do our utmost to create a comfortable and relaxed feeling for the discerning bride. It is a time where one needs full attention and expert advice.

Another aspect that we are very aware of is the after-sales service that we provide. This is as important as buying the dress. We encourage all our brides to call if they need any advice in relation to their big day. We may not have all the answers but we will point them in right direction. Buying a wedding dress is a very special time and we will continue to endeavour to make it more pleasurable for every bride that comes to visit us.